Never have I experienced a thrill of a convention such as this one

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Just came back from St. Louis

In addition to all the usual inspirational stuff that is to be expected, the CEO, Roger Barnett and his wife SLOAN as well as their children showed without a shadow of a doubt that they are real stars and the very reason why this company is a success. Any one associated with them is a winner.

Wish you had been there !



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When my husband and I opened the dance store two years ago we did not know what to expect.

My first flirt with this venture was when my 10 year old daughter needed tights all the time. I never thought that  the in the Desert there would be so many dancers.
Looking back, it has become a labor of love. Every person that walks into our store is a total pleasure to deal with. The mothers and the daughters and every ball room dancer. Every day is an interaction with an extended family.
My favorite part is the pointe shoe fitting. A whole new world, and what a thrill to watch the exitement and the smiles in those young girls faces.
Thank you desert dancers, desert studios and desert moms and dads for the joy you have brought to my life.

With love

Cheryl Dealbert

Hello world!

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